Additional Stuff You Can Do For Better Results!

By now you should already have a good idea about Bathmate and all other various techniques to help in your manhood. However I really thought that the below proven methods should enhance the results even further. Follow these steps:


With this method, the user is required to wear a traction device (commonly known as stretcher or extender) for few hours a day. By exposing the penis to regular traction, the cells are forced to break down. Then, the cells begin to reform and multiply. Over time, the penile chambers expand beyond the original size. The process has been proven to lengthen and widen the penis.
It’s important to choose a device made of highest quality to ensure the best success and avoid discomfort. A lousy product can make you feel quite painful. As well, you remove the device for 15 minutes at every hour.

Belly Off

It may come as surprise, but you are more endowed than you think! About 50% of your penis is hidden inside the body fat. You can expose the “hidden penis” by losing weight. Specifically, you should concentrate on workouts to get rid of lower belly fat. Following is an effective exercise for this purpose:
#1. Lay yourself down on a yoga mat.
#2. Squeeze your belly, and raise both legs to the air so they form an “L” shape in relation to upper body. Then, hold the position for 5 seconds.
#3. Do 10 repetitions.
#4. … and less beer maybe? :)

Penis workout

As mentioned above, you are longer than you think. By exercising the penis, you can help to release the inner penis and extend the ligaments that support erection. Below you can refer to a sample exercise:
#1. Apply natural lubricant over the penile shaft.
#2. Have your partner to arouse you until penis is 50-60% erect.
#3. Gently squeeze the penile based so that the penile chamber can trap maximum amount of blood. Do not cut off circulation though.
#4. Slowly stretch the penis from base to head. Then, hold the head for 5 seconds.
#5. Repeat step 3-4 for 30 times.

I hope the above steps are helpful. Remember, each of the above steps requires persistence, just as much desire as you would for a better, longer, stronger penis!

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