Bathmate Compare: How does Bathmate Compare to other products?

OK, there are so many penis enlargement methods it’s insane. So what’s the best? And, what’s craps? In this article, we are going to do a quick run down on few alternative of Bathmate:

#1. Surgery

Survery is not recommended unless you are in following conditions:
–    You have suffered from penis curvature for more than a year;
–    You’ve exhausted all natural methods and don’t observe any growth.
–    Intercourse is impossible.
Note that surgery must be performed by urologists who are highly experienced and knowledgeable urologist as it carries high risk of impotence. The most common type of surgery is called Nesbitt procedure which involves tissues removal to correct the curve. Under certain circumstances, penile implant surgery is used to enable erection for sexual satisfaction.

#2. Medical Stretchers

Medical stretcher is device that helps to correct penis curvature naturally. By applying constant force to the tissue in plague of curvature, it causes the plague to soften and strengthen. Early clinical studies on medical stretcher have exhibited positive results in penis curvature treatment. However, the major complaint with stretcher is: you are required to wear it for few hours a day. It can restrict your daily activities. I have tried few stretchers and don’t have good words to say. These products make your member painful and comfortable.

#3. Creams and patch

One word: scams! There’s no way your penis can absorb the nutrients via creams or patch.

I’ve spend thousands of hard earned dollars and precious time in crappy enhancement products. The only product that works for me is Bathmate.

We still like a good Penis Pump 🙂

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