Bathmate Customer Reviews

Below you will find some honest reviews from Bathmate’s users:

Thicker and longer
“My husband bought one of these 2 months ago and I wanted to share our feedback about this penis pump. We bought it for male enhancement purposes and stamina issues. It not only worked great for this but there have been many added benefits for my husband and myself. He has gotten much thicker and also longer from using the Bathmate. Overall a great product that I will recommend to any couple looking for something other than pills to fix erectile problems.” (Source:, user Karlawhite76)

1 cm thicker..
“I have been using mine for 4 weeks now with no issues. No red dots, bruising etc. The first few uses I did find my penis was tired after, but that has since gone. I guess it’s like working out. LOL My stamina is now through the roof and much thicker with about 1cm of new size. I am not complaining. The Bathmate rocks.” (Source: MyNewSize Forum, user Summersteddy)

Get This!
“With the first use I could not believe how much bigger I looked (really!). I would recommend to anyone thinking of buying a developer for what ever reason (to gain length, girth or for to look better in the trouser area), GET THIS.” (Source: LoveHoney, user Rubberneck)

Getting bigger..
“I have been using the Bathmate religiously, 5 days a week, 20 minutes a day, sometimes 40 if I take two showers. OK, I won’t bullshit anyone and say that my member has doubled in size in a week of anything like that, but it is definitely getting bigger, slowly but surely, and every time I pump I can see that I am ever so slightly closer to the end of the pump.” (Source: forum, member Akchris)

Gained 2 inches..
“It’s been well over 4 months, I think almost 5 months since I got my Bathmate. I didn’t use it daily as it is hard to find time for that. I have really only used it 2-3 times a week (sometimes 2 only) as time is limited as I work too much.

In the months I have been using it aside from the size gains, I have also noticed it helped straighten out a curve I had and really hated (VERY HAPPY ABOUT THAT). I still have slight curve to the left, but it’s about 75% less than it used to be. I have also noticed my endurance with sex is way up. By endurance I mean, no more premature ejaculation. I have no issues controlling when I cum at all.

I would say I have gained at least 2 inches in size (i recently submitted my photo to Bathmate USA for them to use as a testimonial) and my penis got thicker as well.” (Source: MyNewSize forum, member PBX77)

Misleading, but..
“I’ve only had Bathmate three days so far, but with two twenty-minute sessions a day (it is new and I am keen…) I can see a difference already. The video on the official Bathmate site and the other review here mention/show dramatic differences after the first use, which I haven’t *really* seen (you do grow quite a lot when in the pump, but lose a lot of it as soon as you let the pressure out), but I would say I’ve gained maybe a centimeter in these three days and I am definitely a bit thicker. (source: LoveHoney, reviewer D and V)

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