Bathmate Exercise

In order to make faster progress with Bathmate, I highly recommend you exercise your penis regularly. It helps to promote blood flow and stretch penile tissue, thus resulting in bigger and firmer erection.

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Hot wrap: before and after exercise, you must perform “hot wrap” to soothe penile muscle and ligaments. Here’s how:
#1. Soak a clean towel inside lukewarm water for few minutes.
#2. Gently massage your member.

Caution: if you experience discomfort during exercise, stop the exercise immediately.

Sample exercise


1.    Grab the base of penis with “OK” grip, and slowly pull it away from your body.
2.    Stretch the head and pull it upward. Hold it for 5 seconds.
3.    Stretch the head in anticlockwise motion.

Uli Exercise

1.    Soak a big towel in warm water for few minutes. Then, cover the towel over your penis. This warm-up step is crucial to avoid any potential injury.
2.    Apply lubricants over penile shaft. Then, form an OK grip with your left hand and encircle the grip around the base of penis.
3.    Gently push the hand grip toward to head.
4.    Repeat step 2 to 3 with right hand.
5.    Repeat step 2 to 4 for 200 steps.
6.    Finally, squeeze the base of penis tightly and hold it for 30-60 seconds.
7.    Upon completion of the exercise, repeat step 1 to relax penile tissue.

Horse Squeeze

1.    Start the exercise with penis warm up session.
2.    Squeeze penile base with your right hand.
3.    Form an OK grip with your left hand. Next, place the OK grip above right hand.
4.    Push the grip over the glans and towards the head. Repeat this step for 20 times.

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