Bathmate’s Hercules Review

Hercules may not be Bathmate’s newest pump but it is their best-selling and continues to be a favorite among their customers.

Because it is simply designed and it works.

It is a patented, water-assisted pump with a proven track record and is sturdy, safe, easy to operate, and guaranteed to deliver temporary results.

Why is Hercules ranked #2?

The only reason we ranked Hercules #2 is because it does not include any type of exercise program, rendering it unable to provide permanent enlargement results.

Because it comes equipped with only 1 gaiter, it is not possible to perform exercises using it.

If not for that, it would have ranked higher because it is a very good product.
However, without the ability to provide permanent enlargement (due to the fact that it does not contain differential gaiters), it could not be ranked #1.

If temporary enlargement is your only goal, then, by all means, the Hercules is an excellent buy at $118.98. Click here to Order Hercules pump for bigger and harder erections.

It comes with a 1-year warranty and is a quality pump that safely utilizes water and vacuum to increase & enhance your erections.

Is Hercules worth $118.98?

Hercules is definitely worth the money because it has proven itself very successful at temporary enlargement and erection enhancement. It is a simple device that is always ready when you want to use it. Fill it with water, pump it for a short time, push the quick-release valve, and get incredibly hard erections in minutes.

The price you pay ($118.98) for this product is very reasonable.

The only cheaper, comparable pump is the one found in Penomet’s Starter Pack but, after our comparison of the two products, it was clear that the Hercules was the best pump. It was more durable, constructed of better materials, and easier to use. If you aren’t fond of exercising your penis and are only interested in temporary results, the Hercules is your best bet.

Should you spend your money on the Hercules or opt for something else?

For men desiring temporary, quick results, we believe the Hercules is a smart purchase. Remember, it is patented, proven, and has an excellent track record.

If you enjoyed our Hercules Review, be sure to check out the official Hercules Pump web site.

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