#1. How does Bathmate work?

When you are sexually stimulated, there will be increase in blood flowing to your penile tissue and chamber to form erection. The size of your penile is 100% depends on how much blood is “trapped” within the tissues. Bathmate works by creating force to expand and stretch penile tissue. When the tissue becomes stronger and bigger, it is going to allocate more blood volume during erection, thus resulting in longer and thicker penis.

#2. How to use Bathmate?

You will be using it during shower. For more details refer to the instruction here.

#3. What are the benefits of Bathmate?

Unlike other regular pump, you gain permanent growth. It is the only product that use patented hydraulic technology which makes comfortable experience among users. In addition, it forces oxygenated blood directly into penile tissue to maximize growth and promote penile health. In other words, you are getting the best of both worlds !

#4. What should I expect?

Most men observe between 1-3″ gain in length with 30% increase in width.

#5. What are the side effects of Bathmate?

Generally, Bathmate is rather safe to use. To date there’s no reported side effects. However, you should use it according to instruction. Of course, if you feel painful or comfortable, discontinue the usage.

#6. Where can I buy Bathmate?

You can Bathmate from Bathmate USA. Although the store is located in US, it ships to word wide with UPS.

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