Bathmate Hydromax Pump Review Scientifically Proven To Be Amazing Sat, 25 Mar 2017 11:33:14 +0000 en-US hourly 1 104856534 Better Sex Requires Attentiveness Sun, 11 Sep 2016 20:15:36 +0000 Read more]]> Men hop into the sack all ready for some mind blowing fun for both parties, and so guys tend to be interested in things that can ensure even better sex for them and their partners. That’s one reason guys do things like exercise or engage in careful penis care – because they know it can have a payoff in bed. But sometimes men need to think a little outside the box in their quest for better sex and consider a more abstract quality that can help: attentiveness.

As has been well documented, sexual satisfaction is not solely derived from the physical aspects of the act – and this seems to be even more the case for women than for men. That’s not to say that women are indifferent to the pleasures of a man who knows how to utilize his physical gifts, or that men never want anything out of sex other than the opportunity to thrust manfully into a waiting receptacle. But it does mean that, to varying degrees for different individuals, a woman will have better sex if there’s more to it than the penetrative act – and so will most men.


This is where the concept of attentiveness can come into play. In this instance, attentiveness refers to a man taking the time to really consider the kinds of things beyond his own physical endowment that might give pleasure to his female partner.

Some of these are fairly obvious. For example, everyone is familiar with the importance of foreplay and how its proper use can lead to better sex for participants. And most men recognize that if they reach orgasm prior to their partner, it’s ungallant – to say the least – to simply roll off and go to sleep rather than helping their mate achieve her own climax.

But the man interested in sex that goes beyond the mere physical wants to take attentiveness to a higher level. This requires taking the time to think about the person who will be entering his bed and considering what might make the total sexual experience more personally satisfying.


For example, men tend to like to get all revved up for sex, but not all women feel the same way. They often become more receptive when they’re in a relaxed state, especially after a stressful day at work. Fixing dinner for a mate and greeting her with a glass of her favorite wine can demonstrate a man is thinking about her and helping her to relax. Throwing in some of her favorite soft music can also help – and it’s the rare woman (or man) who says no to an expert massage at the end of a long day.

Be touchy

Some guys like to get their hands all over their mate, but only on the way to or when already in bed. Instead, more men should stroke their mate’s hand while talking over dinner or give occasional “for no reason” kisses.

Share the lead

Unless it’s clearly established that she prefers to be led, a man should allow his mate to take the lead on sexual matters – or to be open to “fluidity,” where the one who is leading changes from moment to moment.

Compliment appropriately

Flattery is meaningless, but sincere compliments are golden (and not just to women). A partner will feel a richer closeness when the man she is with notices aspects about her that he values and shares his appreciation of them.

Jelqing VS Kegel: 5 FAQs Every Man Ought to Ask Before Trying PE Exercise Sat, 16 Jul 2016 10:36:16 +0000 Read more]]>

What is the very BEST way to improve erection size? Are all male enhancement exercises created equal? How do some of the common PE recommendations differ? Do some techniques work better for length rather than girth, and if so… Why? Is jelqing safe? And if not… Why not? How do these exercises differ from other men’s health issues we deal with every day?

Any of these questions sound familiar? If you are anything like the millions of men who feel some sense of size insecurity, and have unanswered questions about the best way to optimize your anatomy, this article was written with YOU in mind! Curious to know more? Continue reading as we take a deeper dive, immediately below.

Q1: Is jelqing the same thing as Kegel?

No, absolutely not. They differ in some really important ways. First off Kegel exercises are much more mainstream, were pioneered by a well- known physician of the same name, and are far more widely accepted in medical circles than penis stretching.

Kegel exercises are essentially tension based pelvic contractions, and are designed to improve sexual function in BOTH men and women. Jelqing, on the other hand, are very specific exercises designed to improve and optimize the spongy tissue in the penis.

Q2: How is it done?

Good question. There are many different ways the Jelq is “taught” by men’s health professionals. Some focus on a very specific series of progressive steps that include a warm up period, a lubrication period, a variety of hand grips and ultimately a cool down or wind down process. Other more simplified exercises simply ask you to do a series of grips and deep tissue manipulations.

Some jelqing teachers even include very detailed dietary recommendations. The bottom line is, while NO two jelq teachings are identical, they all share a focus on thickening the spongy tissue, and optimizing blood flow to and through the male anatomy.

Q3: What about Kegel exercises? What is their purpose?

Kegel are also taught very differently, but many different professionals and amateur authors alike. The key idea? By flexing and tensing the pelvic muscles in very specific ways, we increase blood flow to the erection, increase ejaculatory control, and increase stamina and staying power as well. They are often done in a series of simulated lift movements and motions, tension and “hold” techniques, and quite often, lead to a pleasant tingly feeling in the pelvis as well.

Q4: How does jelqing differ from masturbation?

A common misconception is that jelqing is a similar method to self-gratification for men. The truth? Other than the area of the body being addressed, there is really NO similarity between the two at all. Jelqing is really NOT sexual in nature. Its science. And exercise. While its ultimate aim is to enhance sexual performance, size and enjoyment, there is nothing titalating about the technique itself. The focus is really on tissue stimulation and it’s more akin to a non sexual massage, with very specific therapeutic aims in mind.

Q5: Is jelqing dangerous?

Absolutely not. I’ve read various articles that have suggested there is some sort of dubiousness or danger to natural male enhancement exercise and nothing could be further from the truth. Done properly, jelqing is safe, easy to learn and very effective. It can lead to better blood flow to and through your anatomy, longer and stronger erections and dramatic differences in the thickness in your penis as well. Kegel exercises are also very safe. They are a great way to augment the exercises above, and can lead to a much better sexual experience, for you AND your lover, to boot

10 Reasons you should buy a Bathmate Penis Pump Mon, 09 May 2016 11:16:10 +0000 Read more]]> There Has Never Been a Better Time to Enlarge Your Penis. There’s more to this amazing penis enlargement system than meets the eye so we have put together 10 great reasons you should buy a Bathmate pump today.

If you want to buy a Bathmate penis pump the main thing you’re probably after is an increase in the length of your penis. This is fundamental. The Bathmate system has a long running and proven history of giving men extra length – you can find this out across hundreds of forums and thousands of websites selling this product. It has grown from strength to strength and become so popular because it does deliver an increase in penis size. Fact.To add extra girth

Most women will tell you if they could choose between length and girth then girth is what they would go for, the reason being is that you only need 3 inches of length to touch a woman’s g-spot – which most men already have. Having girth will provide an additional sensation – the stretching of the vaginal muscle. For a man, this is like the equivalent of having your balls played with while getting a blowjob; you can do without it, but it’s a fantastic addition. Now if you haven’t got three inches you need to keep working for that goal to give your lover the ultimate in satisfaction, but don’t forget the extras girth can give and how important it is to the overall feeling.To make your erections stronger

A strong erection looks great and makes you feel proud. The semi erect penis is not an attractive sight and will not make your lover feel at her best. These two things are both mood related and can make or break whether sex even happens. Moving on from that, you need a stiff penis to be able to make good contact with the g-spot in order to take your lover to orgasm. Continual use of Bathmate will help with this.Increase your sexual stamina

We always recommend you buy Bathmate for the way it enhances sexual stamina. For us, this is one of the top two features of the product. Just like Bathmate can help to strengthen those erections continual use will also give you back improved control of your penis by way of making your muscles stronger. The stronger the muscle the more control you will have and with practice you can prevent yourself from premature ejaculation much easier than without the Bathmate.

Improved sexual stamina coupled with a better functioning erection will allow you to explore sex more. By being able to control yourself better and offer more to your lover your ability to try new things and achieve greater sensation for the pair of you will increase greatly.Bragging rights among your friends

If you buy a Bathmate and use it correctly then you’ll become a better lover. The product is made to make people better at sex and more confident about what they’re doing. The knock on effect is going to be that you get noticed more. When you get noticed, your friends will notice – it’s a simple case of cause and effect.

Do you know the feeling of satisfaction you get when sat in a room with a bunch of your partner’s friends and in an attempt to put you down she tells them you slept with the local skank years ago, only for the rest of the room to chorus “Oh, you’re the one with the big cock?” I do; and it’s awesome. What they don’t know is my secret was Bathmate. When you’ve made an impression, women talk about this stuff more than men and when rumours spread the curiosity factor means their inhibitions disappear very quickly.

With Bathmate you will feel a difference. Use it every day and it will improve the way your penis functions. Use it directly before sex and you’ll feel a huge difference – as you can pump more blood into your penis than you would naturally achieve; the more blood in your penis, the more sensation you feel.An on-demand erection

Buy Bathmate if you frequently or occasionally suffer from erectile dysfunction. Whether it’s stress, brewers droop or something else – Bathmate can give you an instant erection. At the end of the day, Bathmate is a penis pump and in medicine a penis pump’s primary function is to give men an erection. Use when you’re already aroused and you can get even more benefits.It feels great

If you want a great tool that’s fun to use in the shower then buy a Bathmate. It does feel amazing. Other penis pumps hurt. This feels fantastic in warm water and you might find rather than having a wank you whip out your Bathmate and enjoy yourself while making your penis bigger. It won’t make you cum, but it will make you smile.

Additional Stuff You Can Do For Better Results! Sat, 20 Feb 2016 12:40:55 +0000 Read more]]> By now you should already have a good idea about Bathmate and all other various techniques to help in your manhood. However I really thought that the below proven methods should enhance the results even further. Follow these steps:

With this method, the user is required to wear a traction device (commonly known as stretcher or extender) for few hours a day. By exposing the penis to regular traction, the cells are forced to break down. Then, the cells begin to reform and multiply. Over time, the penile chambers expand beyond the original size. The process has been proven to lengthen and widen the penis.
It’s important to choose a device made of highest quality to ensure the best success and avoid discomfort. A lousy product can make you feel quite painful. As well, you remove the device for 15 minutes at every hour.

Belly Off
It may come as surprise, but you are more endowed than you think! About 50% of your penis is hidden inside the body fat. You can expose the “hidden penis” by losing weight. Specifically, you should concentrate on workouts to get rid of lower belly fat. Following is an effective exercise for this purpose:
#1. Lay yourself down on a yoga mat.
#2. Squeeze your belly, and raise both legs to the air so they form an “L” shape in relation to upper body. Then, hold the position for 5 seconds.
#3. Do 10 repetitions.
#4. … and less beer maybe? :)

Penis workout
As mentioned above, you are longer than you think. By exercising the penis, you can help to release the inner penis and extend the ligaments that support erection. Below you can refer to a sample exercise:
#1. Apply natural lubricant over the penile shaft.
#2. Have your partner to arouse you until penis is 50-60% erect.
#3. Gently squeeze the penile based so that the penile chamber can trap maximum amount of blood. Do not cut off circulation though.
#4. Slowly stretch the penis from base to head. Then, hold the head for 5 seconds.
#5. Repeat step 3-4 for 30 times.

I hope the above steps are helpful. Remember, each of the above steps requires persistence, just as much desire as you would for a better, longer, stronger penis!

How to use Bathmate? Sat, 20 Feb 2016 12:33:20 +0000 Read more]]> Here’s how to use Bathmate:

#1. Lie down on bath tub filled with luke warm water.
#2. Sit back and relax. Gently massage your member to relax the penile muscle and ligaments.
#3. Push Bathmate down to base of penis so that it fit comfortably. Then, create the suction by pumping You may have to press down on the Bathmate a few times to remove all the air from the bathmate and create the correct vacuum.
#4. Pump every 5 minutes to increase the pressure.
#5. If you feel it is too tight, lightly activate the pressure release at the top of Bathmate.
#6. Follow the above instructions, and use Bathmate for 15-20 minutes a day, at least 3 times per week.

You should use only warm water, as it the warmness encourages cell growth and stretching, keep skin moisturized, and promote blood flow to achieve better results.

In addition, I found that you can use Bathmate without soaking in water. That’s right, just use it like ordinary penis pump, but you will need a little lubrication to make it stick.

If you find tiny red spots after using Bathmate, it is quite normal as long as the spots are not more than size of a pin. It is usually due to excessive pressure. You can alleviate the discomfort by applying butter skin cream or any other mild skin lotion.

Order Bathmate NOW

Bathmate’s Hercules Review Mon, 01 Feb 2016 12:02:03 +0000 Read more]]> Hercules may not be Bathmate’s newest pump but it is their best-selling and continues to be a favorite among their customers.

Because it is simply designed and it works.

It is a patented, water-assisted pump with a proven track record and is sturdy, safe, easy to operate, and guaranteed to deliver temporary results.

Why is Hercules ranked #2?

The only reason we ranked Hercules #2 is because it does not include any type of exercise program, rendering it unable to provide permanent enlargement results.

Because it comes equipped with only 1 gaiter, it is not possible to perform exercises using it.

If not for that, it would have ranked higher because it is a very good product.
However, without the ability to provide permanent enlargement (due to the fact that it does not contain differential gaiters), it could not be ranked #1.

If temporary enlargement is your only goal, then, by all means, the Hercules is an excellent buy at $118.98. Click here to Order Hercules pump for bigger and harder erections.

It comes with a 1-year warranty and is a quality pump that safely utilizes water and vacuum to increase & enhance your erections.

Is Hercules worth $118.98?

Hercules is definitely worth the money because it has proven itself very successful at temporary enlargement and erection enhancement. It is a simple device that is always ready when you want to use it. Fill it with water, pump it for a short time, push the quick-release valve, and get incredibly hard erections in minutes.

The price you pay ($118.98) for this product is very reasonable.

The only cheaper, comparable pump is the one found in Penomet’s Starter Pack but, after our comparison of the two products, it was clear that the Hercules was the best pump. It was more durable, constructed of better materials, and easier to use. If you aren’t fond of exercising your penis and are only interested in temporary results, the Hercules is your best bet.

Should you spend your money on the Hercules or opt for something else?

For men desiring temporary, quick results, we believe the Hercules is a smart purchase. Remember, it is patented, proven, and has an excellent track record.

If you enjoyed our Hercules Review, be sure to check out the official Hercules Pump web site.

Bathmate Exercise Sun, 10 Jan 2016 14:09:27 +0000 Read more]]> In order to make faster progress with Bathmate, I highly recommend you exercise your penis regularly. It helps to promote blood flow and stretch penile tissue, thus resulting in bigger and firmer erection.

Learn more how how to use it

Hot wrap: before and after exercise, you must perform “hot wrap” to soothe penile muscle and ligaments. Here’s how:
#1. Soak a clean towel inside lukewarm water for few minutes.
#2. Gently massage your member.

Caution: if you experience discomfort during exercise, stop the exercise immediately.

Sample exercise

1.    Grab the base of penis with “OK” grip, and slowly pull it away from your body.
2.    Stretch the head and pull it upward. Hold it for 5 seconds.
3.    Stretch the head in anticlockwise motion.

Uli Exercise
1.    Soak a big towel in warm water for few minutes. Then, cover the towel over your penis. This warm-up step is crucial to avoid any potential injury.
2.    Apply lubricants over penile shaft. Then, form an OK grip with your left hand and encircle the grip around the base of penis.
3.    Gently push the hand grip toward to head.
4.    Repeat step 2 to 3 with right hand.
5.    Repeat step 2 to 4 for 200 steps.
6.    Finally, squeeze the base of penis tightly and hold it for 30-60 seconds.
7.    Upon completion of the exercise, repeat step 1 to relax penile tissue.

Horse Squeeze
1.    Start the exercise with penis warm up session.
2.    Squeeze penile base with your right hand.
3.    Form an OK grip with your left hand. Next, place the OK grip above right hand.
4.    Push the grip over the glans and towards the head. Repeat this step for 20 times.

Bathmate Customer Reviews Sun, 10 Jan 2016 14:07:16 +0000 Read more]]> Below you will find some honest reviews from Bathmate’s users:

Thicker and longer
“My husband bought one of these 2 months ago and I wanted to share our feedback about this penis pump. We bought it for male enhancement purposes and stamina issues. It not only worked great for this but there have been many added benefits for my husband and myself. He has gotten much thicker and also longer from using the Bathmate. Overall a great product that I will recommend to any couple looking for something other than pills to fix erectile problems.” (Source:, user Karlawhite76)

1 cm thicker..
“I have been using mine for 4 weeks now with no issues. No red dots, bruising etc. The first few uses I did find my penis was tired after, but that has since gone. I guess it’s like working out. LOL My stamina is now through the roof and much thicker with about 1cm of new size. I am not complaining. The Bathmate rocks.” (Source: MyNewSize Forum, user Summersteddy)

Get This!
“With the first use I could not believe how much bigger I looked (really!). I would recommend to anyone thinking of buying a developer for what ever reason (to gain length, girth or for to look better in the trouser area), GET THIS.” (Source: LoveHoney, user Rubberneck)

Getting bigger..
“I have been using the Bathmate religiously, 5 days a week, 20 minutes a day, sometimes 40 if I take two showers. OK, I won’t bullshit anyone and say that my member has doubled in size in a week of anything like that, but it is definitely getting bigger, slowly but surely, and every time I pump I can see that I am ever so slightly closer to the end of the pump.” (Source: forum, member Akchris)

Gained 2 inches..
“It’s been well over 4 months, I think almost 5 months since I got my Bathmate. I didn’t use it daily as it is hard to find time for that. I have really only used it 2-3 times a week (sometimes 2 only) as time is limited as I work too much.

In the months I have been using it aside from the size gains, I have also noticed it helped straighten out a curve I had and really hated (VERY HAPPY ABOUT THAT). I still have slight curve to the left, but it’s about 75% less than it used to be. I have also noticed my endurance with sex is way up. By endurance I mean, no more premature ejaculation. I have no issues controlling when I cum at all.

I would say I have gained at least 2 inches in size (i recently submitted my photo to Bathmate USA for them to use as a testimonial) and my penis got thicker as well.” (Source: MyNewSize forum, member PBX77)

Misleading, but..
“I’ve only had Bathmate three days so far, but with two twenty-minute sessions a day (it is new and I am keen…) I can see a difference already. The video on the official Bathmate site and the other review here mention/show dramatic differences after the first use, which I haven’t *really* seen (you do grow quite a lot when in the pump, but lose a lot of it as soon as you let the pressure out), but I would say I’ve gained maybe a centimeter in these three days and I am definitely a bit thicker. (source: LoveHoney, reviewer D and V)

How to Use A Penis Pump Sun, 10 Jan 2016 14:04:14 +0000 Read more]]> Here’s how to use Bathmate:

#1. Lie down on bath tub filled with luke warm water.
#2. Sit back and relax. Gently massage your member to relax the penile muscle and ligaments.
#3. Push Bathmate down to base of penis so that it fit comfortably. Then, create the suction by pumping Bathmate. You may have to press down on the Bathmate a few times to remove all the air from the bathmate and create the correct vacuum.
#4. Pump every 5 minutes to increase the pressure.
#5. If you feel it is too tight, lightly activate the pressure release at the top of Bathmate.
#6. Follow the above instructions, and use Bathmate for 15-20 minutes a day, at least 3 times per week.

You should use only warm water, as it the warmness encourages cell growth and stretching, keep skin moisturized, and promote blood flow to achieve better results.

In addition, I found that you can use it without soaking in water. That’s right, just use it like ordinary penis pump, but you will need a little lubrication to make it stick.

If you find tiny red spots after using it, it is quite normal as long as the spots are not more than size of a pin. It is usually due to excessive pressure. You can alleviate the discomfort by applying butter skin cream or any other mild skin lotion.

Bathmate Compare: How does Bathmate Compare to other products? Sun, 10 Jan 2016 14:01:59 +0000 Read more]]> OK, there are so many penis enlargement methods it’s insane. So what’s the best? And, what’s craps? In this article, we are going to do a quick run down on few alternative of Bathmate:

#1. Surgery
Survery is not recommended unless you are in following conditions:
–    You have suffered from penis curvature for more than a year;
–    You’ve exhausted all natural methods and don’t observe any growth.
–    Intercourse is impossible.
Note that surgery must be performed by urologists who are highly experienced and knowledgeable urologist as it carries high risk of impotence. The most common type of surgery is called Nesbitt procedure which involves tissues removal to correct the curve. Under certain circumstances, penile implant surgery is used to enable erection for sexual satisfaction.

#2. Medical Stretchers
Medical stretcher is device that helps to correct penis curvature naturally. By applying constant force to the tissue in plague of curvature, it causes the plague to soften and strengthen. Early clinical studies on medical stretcher have exhibited positive results in penis curvature treatment. However, the major complaint with stretcher is: you are required to wear it for few hours a day. It can restrict your daily activities. I have tried few stretchers and don’t have good words to say. These products make your member painful and comfortable.

#3. Creams and patch
One word: scams! There’s no way your penis can absorb the nutrients via creams or patch.

I’ve spend thousands of hard earned dollars and precious time in crappy enhancement products. The only product that works for me is Bathmate.

We still like a good Penis Pump 🙂